About Ingrid's Books

Ingrid's stories are often dark and gritty, but always laced with hope. Through her characters, she explores the nuances of friendship, family dynamics, and the emotional substance of relationships. She is fascinated by the resilience people exhibit when faced with extraordinary situations. In short, she writes about the human condition.

More About Ingrid

Ingrid grew up in Toledo, Ohio with two loving parents and four older sisters in a busy, bustling house full of laughter, creativity, and plenty of inspiration for writing teen drama. Her escape from the chaos was daydreaming, watching movies, and reading books—lots of books. By age nine, she'd decided that she was going to be a writer, and at thirteen she started writing her first young adult novel. (Fun fact: Her protagonist in All Out of Pretty was actually a side character in that first story!)

When she finished the draft of that novel three years later, she was pretty excited, but at 16 had no idea what to do with a book manuscript. The Internet did not yet exist and she was too shy to ask any adults for help, so she stuck it in a drawer and went off to have some real-life adventures. Those adventures included college and grad school, travel, and a career in journalism. They also included marriage, moving more times than she can count, and raising two beautiful, brilliant boys.

Through it all, the pull of writing fiction was never far from her mind or fingertips. The day her youngest son boarded the bus for kindergarten, she drove to the bookstore and joined a writer's group. Seven years and two manuscripts later, her debut novel All Out of Pretty was published by Creston Books (April 3, 2018).

Fun Facts About Ingrid

  1. I'm an INFP, a Ravenclaw, and (deep down) a hopeless romantic.
  2. I had two nicknames in high school: "Wanderer" and "Sap."

  3. Things I collect: coffee mugs, Christmas ornaments from the places I travel, and hats. I am obsessed with hats!

  4. If I wasn't a writer, I would be an actress, artist, or social worker.

  5. I like to run and have completed five half-marathons. I even ran a full marathon once — the same summer I signed my book deal, actually. And the same summer I renovated my house. It was a very prodigious summer.

  6. Favorite Netflix shows: Friday Night Lights, Switched At Birth, Stranger Things, Shameless, and The Fosters.

  7. I used to work as an automotive journalist and once got to drive Porsches around a racetrack!

  8. Though I dislike cooking, I love eating. And slurping down mugs of sugar with a splash of coffee mixed in. :)

  9. My philosophy on life is to love fiercely, experience as many cool things as possible, feel everything, and have no regrets.